“Participating in the Holiday house means so much to me because my mother, Donna Daniels passed away from breast cancer and I know she would be proud that I am involved in something like this. Although my mother was not an interior designer by trade, she had impeccable taste and was passionate about décor and entertaining and would have loved the creativity and Holiday spirit embodied in the house. I am pleased to participate so that I can honor my mother and all that she stood for as a person and as a brave and inspirational woman.”


“It is very important to me that a cure is found to ensure a future where families have more survivor stories. Both my maternal and paternal aunts have survived breast cancer and my hope is that there are more positive outcomes due to funding of research programs.”


“For David and I, the experience of the Holiday House is special due to the nature of the organization it benefits and the quality of designers it attracts. Holidays resonate with everyone and the celebratory nature of all holidays couldn’t be more appropriate for a charity which celebrates life!”


“Having lost my mother to breast cancer most 30 years ago, I had very limited oppurtunities to show her how meaningful and rewarding my career is to me. While in my teens and considering which direction in the art world to take, my mom understood before I did how suited I was for the path that incorporated my people skills with my art and design talents. It is with great pride that I could do my small bit for the Susan G. Komen foundation and the many mothers, daughters and close friends we have lost”.


“Holiday House is a house of joy and a celebration of the good things in life. It is a blessing for all to join together in this endeavor in good health. The work that Susan Komen does to insure this gives us hope for the future.”